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Persistence will work

There is a spider in a corner of the kitchen. It has been there for many months. In the same spot, sitting and waiting for its food to step onto its webbish table. I have not yet seen any insects on the spider’s table but probably there have been some. This spider has such amazing persistence, such a confidence, such a strong hope, such a great desire for success. If it were human, it might have changed its mind many times…oh, let’s move to the other corner…no, it’s better to stay here and make a new web. No, maybe making a web is not a good idea and it works better if walk and look for insects. But wait, maybe I should make a bigger web? Maybe thicker? Maybe wider? Maybe tighter? Higher? Lower? Near the entrance? Far from the entrance? In a busy area? Or in a quiet corner?… And they would probably end up dying due to hunger. Sometimes just be patient and do not interfere in the natural process of things. Persistence finally will work.